Whole Spectrum Wellness

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Nutritional Counseling
Herbal Medicine
Vitamins & Supplements
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Muscle Response Testing
Iridology & Sclerology
Reiki Touch Therapy

 Holistic Healing modalities help bring the body, mind, emotions and spirit into harmony and balance so healing can take place. Nutritional Counseling provides personal guidelines on healthy eating, good food choices, whole foods, supplements and herbs. Specific diet plans for health issues, and foods to eliminate as well as new foods to incoporate.


Muscle Response Testing uses the body's own intelligence to discover what body systems, organs, glands, vitamins, minerals, emotions, mental, and spiritual areas are strong or stressed. Muscle Testing works with your energy system, your body, mind, emotions and spirit knows what is best for you, and what will bring balance. 


Iridology is the art of reading the colored iris for potential signs of stress or imbalance. Sclerology is the reading of the white part of the eye to show current stress, buildups, congestion and impact of certain areas of the body, to address for a healing program. 

Sessions are individual, personalized, and are offered for children, adults, seniors and pets! 

Terry has had a private practice for 10 years and is passionate about helping others reach their health goals!