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Everything is Energy

Feeling Energy, Reading Energy, Energetic Healing

Who Am I?

Discovering Who I Am, Where I Am going, Where I came from, What my soul Purpose Is


Living Your Life Purpose


The Art of Manifestation


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 Soul Awakening

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On the Ascension Journey

Growth is what we are .

Soul Awakening is the process of spiritual growth and self-discovery.  You  are seeking those most important questions of, who am I, why am I here, what is my life purpose?  You may begin to open up to  synchronicities, spiritual experiences, the spirit in nature,  yoga, tai chi, chi gung, reiki, meditation, astrology, affirmations and manifesting. You may have become awakened to alternative healing, and try new diets, supplements or healing practices. Receiving psychic readings and learning how to give intuitive, tarot or oracle card readings for guidance may be something you are exploring.

Soul Awakening is a personal journey in raising one's consciousness and discovering your true self. Soul lessons, karmic balancing and initiations can guide one on their path of  spiritual awakening. 

Soul Awakening Counseling, Readings, Workshops and Classes are offered to share  steps on the path of your awakening soul.


10 Ways to tell if you are Awakening:

1. You are questioning who you really are and what your mission is.

2. You are becoming aware of 

3. You feel guided to 

4. You can see that your life lessons are helping you grow.

5. You are discovering 

6. You are seeking answers 

7. You are aware of synchronicites

8. You are going through personal transformations that are 

9. You are letting go of past hurts, disappointments and 

10. You are opening your mind to new ways of being and choosing what you want to manifest in your life.

Soul Awakening Twelve Week Course



Divination, Angel & Oracle Cards, Intuitive Card Readings, Signs & Symbols


Meditation & Guided Imagery

Guided Meditations, Visualization, Chakra Clearing & Balancing, Journeywork

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You are a Multidimensional Being

The Dimensions, Living in the 5th Dimension, Raising your Vibration


The Twelve Spiritual Laws

What are the Twelve Spiritual Laws? How to live the 12 Spiritual Laws?


Forgiveness & Divine Love

Who do you need to Forgive? Self-Forgiveness, Forgiving & Releasing


Awakening to Your Ascension

What is Ascension? How to raise your Frequency, Steps to Ascension, Ascension Symptoms, Lessons & Initiations