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Ascension Services

The Awesome Sun and its Natural Healing

Soul Ascension Classes

Classes and Workshops on the Ascension Journey. Explore what Ascension is and how it works. Discover the steps you can take to your Ascension. Learn about the dimensions and what each one means. Find out about Ascension Symptoms. Practice meditations, intuitive development and Ascension Orale card readings.

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Ascension Reiki

Ascension Reiki is an advaned Reiki training that brings the high vibrational energy of the Ascension frequency to allign, the body, emotions, mind and Spirit. Asension Reiki opens the twelve chakra system, the Ascension column, and the higher self to embody the Light and Love to a raised vibration of existence.

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Ascension Readings & Healings

Have you heard about the Ascension and wonder where you are on your path, what your life lessons are, what your karmic balancing is, what your next steps are on your Ascension journey? An Intuitive Reading can offer you insights on your Ascension questions. Ascension Healing utilizes high vibrational Ascension energy to clear pathways, open channels and bring blessings from your Higher Self, Master Teachers and Angelic Beings.

Soul Ascension Journey

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Spiritual Ascension is the awakening of your soul into a higher level of consciousness. Taking a step up in frequency and vibration. 

Welcome to your Ascension!

Ascension means stepping up to the next level of spiritual consciousness. Each of the dimensions have gifts, to offer you. The earth mother, the planets, the sun, our solar system, and our galaxy is moving up to a higher vibration. This happens every 26,000 years as photons of light are sent out to uplift, wake up and enlighten the inhabitants of the many realms of existence. None is left behind, there is always a choice of where one want to progress to. Since 2012 the earth has been moving into the fourth dimension. This means that the awareness of the intuitive, Since 2018, the fifth dimensional energies have been able to be accessed. As multidimensional beings you are able to reach up to the higher frequencies with your intensions and through your intensions and your initiations of the light. 

You are remembering who you are and from where you have journeyed. from !

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