Reiki Light

 The Sacred Lotus - female cupped hands

Welcome to Reiki Light!

Reiki is Unconditional Love that is channeled through the hands and energy field of the practitioner to promote healing on many levels. Reiki is a gift to mankind to uplift and raise one's vibration to allow harmony and healing to take place wherever it is most needed. Reiki is the lifeforce, Chi or prana energy, that all things resonate with, and all life was created from. Reiki is like a ray of light beamed down from Source to awaken the inner healer.

Reiki was rediscovered by Dr. Mikai Usui in 1942, and has spread around the world to facilitate the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance that is so needed. Reiki is a simple and easy to learn modality for healing, and the more advanced training guides one on a spiritual path of Light. Reiki is really a path of Enlightenment, as one enters the stream of Love Consciousness that heals and attunes all life to one of harmony, peace and love.

Reiki light sessions are offered in person or long distance, or through Zoom. 

Reiki Light classes are scheduled through out the year for Level One, Level Two, Level Three and Master Teacher Level Four. Shamanic Reiki blends Shamanic practices with Reiki to create a earth-centered practice using Shamanic Tools, Journeywork, and Nature Wisdom. Ascension Reiki is a deep attunement on the path of Soul Ascension. Harmonizing with the Higher Self, Ascended Masters and Angels of Love and Light Ascension Reiki offers a high frequency alignment with the team of Light to facilitate transformational healing and revelations.

Zoom Reiki Certification Available!

Intuitive Reiki Training Levels:  1-4

Shamanic Reiki Training Levels:  1-2

Ascension Reiki Training:  Offered to Reiki Masters- Two Classes