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Intuitive Development Classes

Your are Intuitive! Develop your gifts!

Intuitive Development Classes offer you the opportunity to learn about your Clairs. Clairsentience-your feeling senses, Clairvoyance-your intuitive sight, Clairaudiance-intuitive hearing and Claircognizance-intuitive knowing! Classes begin with the foundational practices of grounding, releasing & filling up, running your energy, protection, chakras & auras, feeling & reading energy and how to do an intuitive reading for yourself and others! Each level introduces more advanced techniques of Next Step Readings, Relationship, Past Lives, Contracts & Agreements and so much more! This is a transformational training and is fun!

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Oracle & Angel Card Reading Workshops

Your guides & angels are waiting to bring you messages!

Learn how to work with and read Oracle and Angel Cards! Receive supportive, loving, guidance and wisdom from your Higher Self, Guides, Masters and Angels! You will discover how to choose a deck, clear the energy, set up a sacred space, shuffle with an intention & use card spreads, and how to use your intuition to interpret the information you receive! Readings can focus on navigating life transitions, life purpose, career, relationships, next steps, past life, soul awakening, spiritual path & messages from Spirit!

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Ascension Journey Workshop

What is Ascension & how do you do it?

Are you going through a soul awakening? Are you expe expereincing you   experiencing signs and synchronicities

Classes & Workshops

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Zoom and Online Classes & Workshops are offered throughout the year. Check out Spirit Light's new schedule of classes coming soon! Up coming classes include; Intuitive Development Level 1-4. 12 week classes, live and recorded. Oracle & Angel Card Reading Workshops live and recorded. Ascension Journey Workshop, Shamanic Journeying & Animal Allies Workshop. Reiki Level 1,2,3, and Master Teacher Classes.

Intuitive Development Classes: New Classes starting soon!

8 Week Foundational Class: You are Intuitive! Learn what are your intuitive senses & grounding & releasing, protection & running energy, center of your head & analyzer, color, symbols, Higher Self, blowing roses, reading roses

Clairvoyant Training: Level One: 12 classes: 2 hour classes. Offered in person and on Zoom. Mock Ups, Healing Master, Chakras, Aura Reading, Next Step, Relationship, Career, Life Purpose, Spirit Guides, Past Life, Future Readings, Those That Have Passed On

Clairvoyant Training: Level Two:  12 classes: Psychic Healing, Energetic Healing, Karma, Soul Contracts, Cords & Attachments, Astral World, Kundalini, Akashic Records, Spirit Beings, Space & Land, Oracle Cards, Female & Male, Spiders & Snakes

Clairvoyant Training: Level Three: 12 classes: Aura Symbols, Machines, Deproamming, Erasurer, Ascension, Alchemy, 

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Chakra Healing Workshop

Your Chakra's are a key to understanding 

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Your Hearts' Desires Workshop

Angelic Therapist seeking Angel Guidance

Soul Awakening Workshop

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Shamanic Journeying & Animal Allies Workshop

Go on a Shamanic Journey & meet your Animal Allies! Let the drum lead you to your sacred place where you can journey to find your Power Animal! Discover the wisdom, guidance and messages that they want to convey to you!

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Shamanic Reiki Practitioner Training

A Shamanic Approach to Reiki using Shamanic Practices & Tools for Healing!

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Reiki Level 1-3 Practitioner

Master Teacher Training

Reiki is the ancient art of hands on healing that teaches you self-healing & people, pet, and planetary healing techniques!

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Ascension Reiki Practitioner Training

Art Director

Learn to channel the high vibrational Ascension Reiki frequency! If you are ready for transformation on many levels and seek to accelerate your Ascension potential, Ascension Reiki can offer you higher dimensional healing energies that align one with their Higher Self or Higher Light Body! 5th Dimensional frequencies and above, ockages in body, mind, emotions and spiritual imbalances! 

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Ascended Master Teachings

Head of Sales

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Psychic Healing Practitioner Training

Product Manager

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