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The sacred art of Shamanism honors the earth mother and sky father , sister moon and all of creation as the children of  the Great Spirit. The four directions, the elements, the four leggeds, the two leggeds, the winged ones, the swimmers, the crawlers  and the nature folk ,as one family or tribe. 
Make your prayers to the Creator of life, the ancient ones, teachers, guides and animal spirits to teach you, the wisdom of  mother earth. Experience your luminous body of light, and merge with the higher consciousness of Love. Find your center within the womb of mama earth and walk in a beauty way!

Travel on the sound of the drum, to the heartbeat of the Great Sun.
And sing your song of ecstacy and joy. Shake your rattle to greet the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, and that they may hear your call for union with the divine. Let the natural world show you her healing vibration, that soothes the soul and nurtures the heart. Sit in the medicine circle and learn the ancient and modern ceremonies that awaken one to their place in the Cosmos.

Shamanic Reiki blends Reiki with Shamanism, using shamanic tools, exercises, earth-centered practices and Shamanic Healing techniques to restore balance in body, emotions, mind and spirit bodies. Shamanic Reiki guides do the healing, while the practitioner is an open channel for the lifeforce energy to flow through them. Receive insights on your initiations, life lessons and your life purpose path. Come and enter the sacred heart where the Spirit speaks to you and guides your way!


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