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New Classes, Sessions, & Workshops!



"Spirit Light"
with Terry Lynn Trapp
Intuitive Readings & Healing Sessions 
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Hello and Welcome to Spirit Light Intuitive Services!

We offer private, intuitive readings, and healing sessions, for clarity, and insights on your life experiences, and  important questions. Readings can include Next Step, Relationship, Life Purpose, Soul & Karmic Lessons, Contracts, Spirit Guides, Chakra & Aura Readings, Past &  Future Life readings. Angel or Oracle cards are also incorporated and blended into your reading.

Intuitive Healings help to connect with Guides, Angels and the Higher Self , to discover energy patterns in the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual levels, that are  creating imbalance and seeking healing. Terry is a graduate of  Archimedes School of Psychic Sciences & Soul Psychic School, and has been giving readings for 10 years.

Intuitive Development Classes are offered throughout the year as 12 week programs. The foundation classes  teach introductory tools, to help you to open up, to your intuition, feel comfortable and safe, in a supportive group, with other like minded students. You will become aware of the intuitive senses of clear feeling, seeing, hearing and knowing. You will learn how to use grounding, protection, running energy, space clearing, releasing, visualization, manifestation, how to read energy and interpret images, colors, signs and symbols.

These classes will empower you to read and move energy, to gain deep transformation and soul wisdom. Intuitive development helps to receive guidance, knowledge and a deeper connection with Spirit. Advancing through the courses you will learn how to do Chakra and Aura readings, manifestation, Spirit Guides, Past Lives, Akashic Records, Life Purpose Readings and Psychic Healing.

Reiki Training is taught several times a year for Level One, Level Two, Advanced Reiki Practitioner and Master Level Teacher Training. Shamanic Reiki Level One & Two classes are a shamanic approach to Reiki that is earth-centered and works with journeying, shamanic practices and tools and spiritual guides. 

Soul Awakening & Ascension Workshops outline your personal awakening journey, using meditations, exercises, personal growth, intuitive awareness, connecting with Guides and Masters, and  receiving loving support on your ascension path.  Soul lessons, initiations, light body activations, dimensions, color rays, shamanic practices, metaphysics, and Ascended Master Teachings are some of the offerings.















































Areas covered include:

Intuitive Readings & Healing Sessions

Intuitive Development Classes




Reiki Training Level 1, 2, 3 & 4

Shamanic Reiki

Ascension Reiki

All sessions must be done face-to-face to ensure the most accurate results. Please contact us for any personal queries

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